Welcome Back!

We Welcome You Back!

We welcome back our friends and new acquaintances to number eight? I’ve lost track. We’ve had a great time doing what we love since 2006. There’s been a few events that had us out of focus, especially when we were overexposed to hackers a few years ago. We’ve rebuilt Rushmore Photography several times mostly due to mishaps by former web hosting providers.

No more rebuilding, but only getting better

We’ve found a good home now, and we won’t hesitate to recommend them for your business web needs. is the most reasonably priced, stable, responsive company we now call home. One online chat support is all I’ve ever needed to resolve some of the more complex issues. They fix it for you! We have about a dozen domains with NameCheap  so please do check this outstanding web hosting service.

We are building this site to make it comfortable and educational for you to hang out and not have someone bugging you. But if you ever need help or have questions relating to the wonderful art of making pictures, please give us a shout. We’ll be glad to help.

A little history behind Rushmore Photography

Linda, my partner, and I have been involved together in photography since 2006. One of our first shoots was Spearfish Canyon with our first digital SLR camera. We shot over 1,000 pictures that day and we still publish some of the best for others too enjoy or own. 

Between the two of us, we have taught Digital SLR Basics, Photoshop Levels I and II, and organized field trips for our students. I’d like to call them friends, because they truly become friends as we explore the incredible world of places, people, and things around us. 

We love what we do

We really enjoy event photography, where people are having a great time, being themselves. It’s the easiest way for us to satisfy our love of candid photography, and our enthusiasm seems to bring out the best in our beautiful subjects. The joy and satisfaction we experience of watching our subjects’ expressions when they view their proofs. The good, positive energies just flow and that makes for the best people pictures.

I’m a lover of macro and special effects photography,  while Linda loves shooting stills and video, and she really shines at perfecting images in our post processing tools, i.e., Photoshop.

We’ve shot a lot of unique landscapes, and enjoy getting out of town to find new haunts. Everything took a step in a new direction when we purchased our first 4k HD Video equiped Quadcopter. It’s an amazing high tech piece of equipment. We are planning on being FAA licensed this year. The quadcopter keep evolving,. and we will probably be flying two for best video results when combining the angles, heights, and speeds. I’ll post a little footage from later 2017.

We want you to find what you love, right here

We hope you like it here. Your feedback is important to us, and we do listen. We would like to get to know as many of you as we can. We appreciate your patience as we work on the new Rushmore Photography!

We offer the top selection of printed products from the top image processing labs in the US. They will ship directly to you. You can choose from many options we make available in our proof packages, or you can even go online to customize your images that you down load from us. We print or you may use your own. We do think you will love our selection of products that are the newest styles on the market.

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